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    Edudemic.com keeps you updated


    Edudemic is a  superb resource  to keep you up to date with the latest ideas, developments and to provide inspiration for using technology to enrich and enhance teaching and learning:



    About Edudemic:

    “Social media is making a big impact on education. The threading of new technology with old standards has created new and exciting opportunities for teachers, school administrators, and students. What is the best way to improve education using social media?

    That’s the big question that Edudemic hopes to answer. You’ll find regular doses of helpful ideas, infographics, news, videos, and more when you visit Edudemic.

    Do you ever wonder how schools, universities, colleges, and large groups in general should use social media?

    Students are often early adopters, frequent users, and overall lovers of technology and social media. Edudemic is run by a few graduate students and teachers with a passion for learning and educating. “